Johnny Markowski (Drummer - New Riders of the Purple Sage - )

I just listened to your cd on the way home from the Turning Point. I really liked it a lot .. Very Americana Jammy .. cool songs great harmonies .. Well crafted songs, bridges, choruses and some really nice guitar work.. Very well played organized production.. Tones are clear, drums are bright.. Love it when you can hear the hi hat .. great tell tale of a recording .. I will listen more and more.. Thanks for the music. 

Rich Freitag (singer / songwriter - )

What a great collection of songs! Each one has a unique flavor and the musicianship is outstanding. The opener Goodbye sucks you right in.  These 4 Walls makes me think of Mike Gordon, I could totally see Phish doing that tune. Ann sounds amazing as well, these songs should be on WFUV or The Coffee Shop on Sirius. It sounds professionally produced as well, great job. Deep Dark Places should be on a movie soundtrack, I really like that one as well. Tower of Song is also a great one. I love the kids, it's very pure and joyful. Your voices on Weight of the World are beautiful. That's a great song as well. These are just ones coming to me now but its all great. John's bluesy influence adds nice flavor to the overall flow of the CD. To sum up this CD is Americana at it's best, congrats!  I'm now officially a fan!

Greg Van Gelder  (owner Van Gelder Music -

I have been listening to your new CD at work the last two days. I must say I am really impressed. I had no idea what good songwriters you are. Of course I have heard you guys in the past at the winery and always enjoyed your performances and knew you were all great musicians, but now I got to really listen intently and really enjoyed it.  Also, kudos to you on the recording and production. If I didn't know better I would think some of the tracks were recorded at the RCA studio A in Nashville!

Bob Wallis (singer / songwriter - Kalamazoo, MI - )

Whitney Road is a tasty blend of sounds from folk, bluegrass, and country, and a couple times this record had me thinking of Little Feat. You can hear the band smiling - these guys enjoyed making this record and it shows. Still Got Some Dyin' is a wonderful ballad and Tower of Song is one of those songs you'll be humming all day after one listen.

Mike Doran (guitarist / member of DDRoyal -

Musically, lyrically & vocally - a masterpiece. The harmonizing interaction is over the top. Great bass playing. Big stage stuff. If I have any suggestions it would be to get it in the hands of Nashville. Congrats and best wishes on your project.  "It's a winner!"