REVIEW: Whitney Road’s New Album Rolls With A Rocking Message Of Love And Kindness

Review by SEAN NEVISON - 315 Music

Whitney Road’s third and latest studio album just dropped with an incredible list of guest performers, a beautiful message and arrangements that are tightly mixed while allowing the incredible performers to make space for each other. This album radiates with love and Doug O’Connor and Ann Whitney’s family project shines on Lean In....

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Review by ANDRE AVANESSIAN - U.K. Musician, Composer, Sound Engineer

Comprised of dynamic husband and wife songwriting duo Ann Whitney O'Connor and Doug O'Connor, the musical project Whitney Road seamlessly blends its folk, country, and Americana influences together to give listeners wonderfully endearing listening experiences that feel both wholesome and thoroughly heartwarming. "Lean In" is a beautifully conceived track that combines heartfelt lyrics with wonderfully mellow melodic expression and is made even more effective by the wonderfully affectionate performances at its core, ensuring the song reaches into the hearts of many a listener. 


REVIEW: Little More Love, Black Creek Road

Reviews by “Music on the Moon” – Spotify Playlist Curator

Little More Love

Little More Love is a tender track with a positive uplifting message. Lead vocals carry the emotional resonance of the lyrics. Poetic. Love the eye for an eye lyric. Nice harmonies and the building arrangement. Soaring melody lines. Layered guitars. Wholesome writing. I appreciate the artistry here.

Black Creek Road

Black Creek Road is a more than enjoyable listen bolstered by some crisply delivered lead vocals that sit with precision amidst the rolling piano melody lines, introspective yet imaginative lyricism, textured strings, ruminating intimate arrangement and a clean mix/master. Props are due!



Review by “MusicNerd” – Spotify Playlist Curator

Wow, what a great vocal tone. I really love it. It's raw and confident and gives me a real feeling. She is talented and natural and definitely deserves more recognition. I adore guitar performance as well. There is imaginative and atmospheric instrumental accompaniment that is rhythmic and amusing. I'm looking forward to your next songs.



* "Dear Me" was selected to appear on the #1 New & Noteworthy and Award Winning Women of Substance Music Podcast.

* "Hold On" is heading up the RADIO INDIE ALLIANCE Top 10 Chart (currently at #7)!


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